10 Unique Activities and Places to See in San Francisco

San Francisco famous cable cars on the street
Land's End Labyrinth - Photo by Eugene Kim via Flickr
Land’s End Labyrinth – Photo by Eugene Kim via Flickr

San Francisco is full of amazing sights that attract both visitors and locals alike.  Most people are aware of some of the more popular “can’t miss” attractions, but San Francisco has a lot more to offer than you will be able to find in a guide book.  From hidden art alleyways to picturesque lookout spots the city is packed with things to see and places to visit.  Here is our list of things to do or see throughout our amazing San Francisco Tours that you may not know about.

1. Land’s End Labyrinth – As you make your way towards the ocean at Land’s End you may notice a very interesting organization of rocks as you reach the ocean.  Eduardo Aguilera created the hidden labyrinth at Land’s End in 2004.  When you arrive at the handmade labyrinth you will also be at a very unique vantage point of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay.  Afterwards, you can check out the Sutro Baths, some of the other beautiful hiking trails around Land’s End or grab a delicious meal at the famous Cliff House.

Corona Heights - Photo by Chris Wronski via Flickr
Corona Heights – Photo by Chris Wronski via Flickr

2. Corona Heights Park – This “off the beaten path” panoramic view of the city is great for a sunny Saturday.  Located just a short walk from the Randall Museum, this park offers a dog park, a playground and spectacular views of most of San Francisco.  If you have some time also stop by the Randall Museum to check out art and science exhibits, a small rescue petting zoo, and a model train exhibit.  The museum is perfect for families with small children.

Seward Slides - Photo by Douglas LeMoine via Flickr
Seward Slides – Photo by Douglas LeMoine via Flickr

3. Seward Street Slides – Located in the Castro, they may not seem like much, but as soon as you get to the top you may realize that these are not your average slides.  You can usually find cardboard at the bottom to increase the speed as you race down these extremely steep, slightly dangerous and tremendously fun cement slides.  The slides do have hours of operation and are gated at closing time, so be sure to stop by between 9am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Off the Grid - Photo by Janice C via Yelp
Off the Grid – Photo by Janice C via Yelp

4. Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio – Everybody loves a great food truck.  Off the Grid brings groups of food trucks to different locations in San Francisco multiple days of the week.  What makes Picnic at the Presidio different from the rest?  Drinks, Vendors, Games and on a sunny day you can enjoy a food truck picnic in arguably San Francisco’s best sunshine spot “Crissy Field.”  This event takes place on Sundays from 1pm-4pm, for more information or a list of vendors click here.

Wave Organ - Photo by Felix Engelhardt
Wave Organ – Photo by Felix Engelhardt

5. Wave Organ – Created by the Exploratorium in 1986, this acoustic sculpture allows people to listen to the waves through different pipes that have been lowered into the ocean.  As the wave crash against the shore you can hear a range of different sounds through the pipes.  You can find the Wave Organ near the Golden Gate Yacht Club with instructions of how to hear the ocean unlike you have ever heard it before.

Tiled Step Project - Photo by Ed Bierman
Tiled Step Project – Photo by Ed Bierman

6. The 16th Avenue Tiled Step Project – This mosaic art piece covers 163 steps as it makes its way up to Grand View Park.  The mosaic stairs were created by artists within the neighborhood and installed with the help of over 300 neighbors.  When you reach the top of the stairs you will arrive at a spectacular look out spot that  allows you to see the ocean, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge and more.  Grand View Park is one of the less crowded look out spots and can be a great place to view a sunset.

Mount Sutro - Photo via mntsutro.com
Mount Sutro – Photo via mntsutro.com

7. Mount Sutro – Hike in the clouds at Mount Sutro Forest.  As the fog comes in over the 100-200 foot tall trees you can literally be walking through the clouds on these beautiful, yet slightly ominous trails near the famous Sutro Tower.

Balmy Alley - Photo by glennbphoto via flickr
Balmy Alley – Photo by glennbphoto via flickr

8. Balmy Street Murals – View incredible street art at the most concentrated area of murals in San Francisco.  Located in the heart of the mission, you can see different works displaying a wide range of themes by multiple artists.  This art alleyway is located between 24th Street and Garfield Square.

Lindy in the Park - Photo by scupperssf via flickr
Lindy in the Park – Photo by scupperssf via flickr

9. Free Swing Dancing Classes in Golden Gate Park – Ever wanted to learn how to swing dance?  Join Lindy in the Park for a free beginner class from 12:00pm-12:30pm in Golden Gate Park every Sunday.  The class is located on John F. Kennedy Drive, between the de Young Museum and the north entrance to the Music Concourse.  Afterwards you can spend the day exploring Golden Gate Park and maybe even seeing the bison!

Fort Funston - Photo by Steven Damron via Flickr
Fort Funston – Photo by Steven Damron via Flickr

10. Fort Funston – If you are planning to head to the coast, Fort Funston is a great place to hike, horseback ride, relax or hang-glide.  This National Park offers one of the best hang-gliding spots in the nation with its 200 foot bluffs and consistent winds.  If you are not a hang glider you can hike around and then kick back and watch the gliders sore through the sky or make your way down to the beach.

If you have any favorite “lesser known” places to visit in San Francisco, let us know by commenting below!

Posted by Josh Webber 5/23/2014

Published on: May 23rd 2014
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