The Clothespin Tree, Yosemite National Park

clothespin tree in mariposa grove

Mariposa Grove, located in southern Yosemite National Park, is home to several hundred Giant Sequoias, which are some of the largest and oldest trees in the world. The Clothespin Tree is located about one mile past the entrance to Mariposa Grove. The tree has survived numerous fires which have naturally hollowed a tunnel through the base of the trunk. There are two trees in Mariposa Grove that have tunnels running through their trunks, but Clothespin Tree’s tunnel is unique in that it stands 40 feet in height. While the base of the tunnel is wide enough to drive a vehicle through the tunnel has never been used for that purpose. The tunnel is so tall and wide that the trunk has been extremely weakened and many park officials are worried that a dense snowfall could mean disaster for this Giant Sequoias. Although many sequoias are known to live a long life even after the trunk is severed or damaged.