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Haight Ashbury


It’s All Happening in the Haight

One of the peace movement centers of the 1960’s, the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco still carries the feeling of a time when “Make Love, Not War” was the slogan of the day.  “The Haight” was a forgotten section of the city that attracted students, musicians, writers, and artists because the run-down Victorian homes offered cheap rents and lots of rooms for friends to crash. Second-hand clothing stores were everywhere and they triggered the rise of a new counterculture fashion for pennies. Groovy baby!  It became popular for young women to wear long flowing skirts and dresses with knee-high, lace-up boots. Young men wore long jackets, vests, shirts with billowy sleeves, and gentlemen’s hats. Hair was long, really long!  All this creative energy turned the Haight into hub for a cultural revolution defined by its music, love-in’s, sit-in’s, bra-burnings, and the famous Summer of Love that would change America forever.  



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