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The Exploratorium is a dynamic place where everyone is invited to discover scientific phenoma and participate in the exhibits, most of which are created and developed on site. Visitors can see future exhibits being made and broken exhibits repaired in the carpentry, machine, welding, and electronics shops, which are visible from the museum floor. Each year, the Exploratorium attracts over 500,000 visitors, to peer through lenses, look in mirrors, experiment with magnets and electricity, bang drums, spin wheels, swing pendulums, and, in the process, learn more about their environment and themselves. A visit to the Exploratorium is a true hands-on experience where everyone can participate and explore scientific phenomena in a fun way. The Exploratorium aims to promote museums as informal education centers, providing a fun and exciting environment for those who are interested to find out how the world around us functions. It makes science visible, touchable, and understandable. Weather everyday phenomena or oddity, everything from gravity to sound, from momentum to electricity is waiting to be explored.