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Balancing Rock

Up in the northwest corner of D.L. Bliss State Park on the California side of Lake Tahoe, you’ll find a trail you can take to the famed Balancing Rock. The trail is super easy. It’s only a half-mile long and kid-friendly; it’s even jogger friendly. Hike down the trail and you’ll be rewarded by a sight that has amazed visitors since the 1800s.

Yeah, the name gives away what it is, doesn’t it? It’s a humongous—we’re talking 130 tons—piece of granite, balancing precariously atop another, smaller rock “pedestal.” It’s a great place to pose for photos, as you pretend to “hold the thing up.” (Not too original, but still fun!)

Did we mention that there are also 19 markers along the trail? These describe the soils, plants, and animals that call this part of the park home. Informative stuff.

One last point: Balancing Rock is not going to be there forever. You can see it has a “waist” between its top and bottom, and natural erosion is slowly but surely putting that waist on a diet. Some day, it will all end. The Balancing Rock will lose its balance, and tumble to the depths below. But you’ll have that cool photo showing that you “held the thing up” when it needed you most!