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Tour Reviews

A sure way to find out how much fun our San Francisco, Yosemite, and Wine Country tours are is to read comments by people who have actually gone on our tours. These are comments from some of our customers. Make tour reservations online or by calling 1-866-231-3752.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2069 reviews.
– David on 03/26/2019

Denise was a really good tour guide. Explaining a lot of interesting things during our way to Yosemite and then of course inside the park as well. Driving very safely.
– Ali on 03/25/2019

Ben was our tour guide and was absolutely fantastic! We had such a good time, which all started with taking some awesome photos of the Golden Gate bridge, before heading to Muir Woods. Muir Woods was really majestic and serene, walking through the giant redwoods for just over an hour was a great start to our day. Then off to Sonoma and Napa for some wonderful wine tastings! Thoroughly enjoyed the day, and ride back with great music. Thanks Ben for showing us the beautiful countryside!
– Rama on 03/21/2019

Denise was an excellent tour guide and excellent driver. She had an extensive knowledge about the area and regaled us with her jokes. She gave me great advice when she suggested the best place for me to get off to go to my destination. Loved the trip!!
– Chen on 03/19/2019

Leader took care with us like our mother.
– Kat on 03/19/2019

It was great. Denise, our tour guide did a wonderful job.
– Paolo on 03/19/2019

Great tour in a fantastic location, Jason Cohen has been an amazing guide and Cathy a very good driver!
– Meaghan on 03/18/2019

This tour was an amazing experience. It was educational and fun. The expedition leader Jacob was energetic and made us laugh the entire time.
– Fernando on 03/18/2019

Amazing views!!!
– Mirko on 03/17/2019

This tour was really good! Our tour leader made the whole trip very entertaining, even during the ride! Yosemite was wonderful, so I absolutely recommend this!
– John on 03/15/2019

Great day with Victor. Informative and entertaining.
– Lindsay on 03/13/2019

Denise was our tour guide for the day. She made the trip for us. Very knowledgeable. Very personable. The trip was broken up nicely. Food/bathroom breaks. Yosemite sights. On your own time. It’s a long day but I never felt overwhelmed. The weather was unpredictable so we took different routes to see the most but always felt safe. Great job Denise. I would definitely recommend her!
– Jens on 03/12/2019

Our guide was fantastic. She did take care of all need for the group and you could see her experience. The best tour guide I ever had.
– David on 03/12/2019

All good
– Mercedes on 03/10/2019

– Cheng-yen on 03/10/2019

the driver is very nice, and she introduces the view in Yosemite very detailed. I had a wonderful memory to this trip. Thank you!!!
– Utkarsh on 03/06/2019

We had an exceptional time on our tour to Yosemite National Park. Our experience was bettered by the fact that we experienced 2 exceptional days of weather in an otherwise very snowy month. We were also able to see the firefall, which was definitely a special sight and the icing on the cake. The tour was smoothly run and our guides to and from Yosemite National Park were extremely friendly and provided us with plenty of stops to take in the breath-taking sights and take plenty of photos. They provided us with plenty of interesting facts and insight about the areas we passed through to and from as well as within Yosemite which added an additional layer to our experience. Pick up and drop off went smoothly with very clear instructions as to where we needed to be and at what time we needed to be there. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on this 2 day winter tour of Yosemite.
– Maurice on 03/06/2019

Our tour guide was Denise. Her knowledge was extraordinary and her enthusiasm and love for the surroundings we were in was contagious. It was a brilliant day that we will remember for a long time.
– Shirley on 03/06/2019

The tour guide was exceptional.
– Ariel on 03/05/2019

– Rahee on 03/05/2019

Great Gino


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