Yosemite Falls

OMG, Yosemite Falls Like Never Before

There has never been a Yosemite Valley like this before!  After years of drought, the Park’s snowpack is melting and making something truly spell binding. There are hundreds of ephemeral waterfalls (Big word! It just means temporary) that will be flowing for a bit longer… Read More

Summer of Love San Francisco

Summer of Love Origins – Part 1

The Summer of Love: North Beach Inspirations (Part 1 of a series) When I’m taking guests on our Summer of Love edition tour of San Francisco, people seem to assume that the event—which marked the biggest migration of young Americans in history to this one… Read More

The Murals of Balmy Alley

The Murals of Balmy Alley Every trip to Balmy Alley is fresh. So fresh, that paint may still be drying (don’t touch!). This hidden Mission District art display is just a block long, so you might have missed it on your first, or even second,… Read More

Happy Birthday Yosemite!

Happy 150th Birthday to Yosemite National Park! And after all these years, it’s the best-looking 150-year-old around! So what’s it to visit Yosemite? What is it about Yosemite which has sparked the imagination of visitors for over 150 years? Imagine seeing the biggest trees you’ve ever… Read More

Grape Harvest is Magic Time in Napa!

Every year, the changing colors of autumn bring something truly magical to the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country: The Grape Harvest! When imagining the grape harvest, you may think of images of foot stomping, and Lucy and Ethel falling over in a wooden vat of crushed grapes.… Read More

8 Bars And Restaurants You Cannot Miss While In San Francisco

Gastronomic journey through San Francisco When it comes to food and drinks, San Francisco has got something for everyone. Whether you like cocktails “Sex in the City-style” or prefer to enjoy your night with a frosty beer and a pool table; whether you prefer vegetarian,… Read More

8 Great Places For An Outdoor Adventure In The Bay Area

Muir Woods – Visit some of the tallest trees on Earth at Muir Woods National Monument.  Just North of the bay, this National Park offers some fresh air in a very tranquil setting. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll or go for a… Read More

7 Essential Stops for your Monterey and Carmel Vacation

Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea provide some of California’s most beautiful coastline.  From the Monterey Bay Aquarium to the 17 Mile Drive this stretch of central coastline has a little something for everyone.  Here is our guide to some of our favorite things to do between Monterey… Read More