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Las Vegas Sightseeing Tours

  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tours. Experience something unique while you are in Las Vegas. Take a helicopter flight, day or night, to view the city from a completely different angle. Be 4,000 feet from the ground and enjoy your thrilling flight. Look down at the amazing, beautiful city and its stunning views. Take one of our Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to complete your visit and make it an unforgettable trip! 

  • Grand Canyon Tours Learn about Grand Canyon's immense size and unique geological and natural features. There are nearly 5 million visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park every year. Be one of them to discover the intriguing rock formations, caves, ecosystems, rivers and more. Choose from one of our Grand Canyon Tours and you'll be amazed at what you'll find out about the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

  • Death Valley Day Tour. Spend the day learning about the amazing Death Valley, the hottest, driest, and lowest Mojave Desert in Nevada. Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be provided. Visit Scotty's Castle, step back into time, and learn about the Roaring 20's and Depression 30's”. You'll have the chance to see the Ubehebe Crater - 600 feet deep and half a mile across, created by the largest steam and gas explosion only 300 years ago. The Death Valley Day Tour continues to the Furnace Creek Ranch Museum and Badwater Basin (the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level). See for yourself!

  • 3-Day National Parks Camping Tour: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion & Monument Valley Get the most out of your Las Vegas trip by visiting the top national parks of the Western United States on our all-inclusive 3-Day National Parks Camping Tour: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion & Monument Valley. On the first day, you will visit Zion National Park, which is Utah’s first national park. Then discover horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters and peculiar rock formations at Bryce Canyon National Park. On the second day, you will get to ride in a jeep for a guided tour of Monument Valley. Lastly, on the 3rd day, you will be amazed at the vast size and inspiring landscape of Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park has nearly 5 million visitors per year. Price includes transportation by air-conditioned van, meals, entrance fees and camping accommodation. Upgrade to lodgine accommodation available.

  • Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour Experience Hoover Dam with this tour-within-tour full-day trip. The Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour includes complimentary hotel pick-ups at several Las Vegas hotels and complimentary lunch as well. You will get to walk on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge and see all of the magnificent Hoover Dam. There will be a guided 45-minute walk to the top of the dam for spectacular views. You'll also get to walk into Black Canyon and a dark tunnel for an unique experience. Learn about the history of Hoover Dam and how it is operated by exploring the numerous exhibits in the Government’s Visitor Center. Join us on our all-in-one Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour.

  • Red Rock Canyon Tour  Take our 6-hr Red Rock Canyon Tour for a day to remember in Las Vegas. Observe the beautiful Mojave Desert as you go enjoy the 13-mile scenic loop with stops at Calico Hills, Spring Mountain State Park, Indian roasting pits and Willow Springs petroglyphs. Our knowledgeable and expert guides will inform you about the canyon’s history and its flora & fauna. Complimentary lunch will be served at the Spring Mountain State Park, a ranch that was once owned by the millionaire Howard Hughes. Take a day off from the busy streets in the city of Las Vegas and enjoy our amazing Red Rock Canyon Tour. Red Rock Canyon Express Tour (4-hour tour) option is available at checkout. 

  • Ultimate Las Vegas City Tour. nbsp;First time in Las Vegas and don’t know where to start? Or want to become a Vegas insider so you know where the best deals and hottest night clubs are? Get tips on where to go and how to get there on this 4-hour Las Vegas Day Tour. Learn about the classic casinos, such as Sahara, Riviera and Dunes that used to dominate Las Vegas casinos. Hear about legendary performers like Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Mafia, and discover the history of Las Vegas and how it became the most famous nightlife city in the country. Also get exclusive insider tips of the best deals in town, such as cheap buffets, cutting lines at clubs, and much more!

  • Las Vegas Activities. Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of things to do in Las Vegas. We have created a list of all the best and exciting activities to complete your Las Vegas trip. You can't go wrong with any one of our Las Vegas activities - any one of them would create an unforgettable experience during your time in Vegas. Choose from pool parties to skydiving to horseback riding to ziplines and rafting. Maximize your Las Vegas trip by an unique and fun activity! 

  • Las Vegas Nightlife. Ready to experience the fabulous nightlife of Las Vegas? If you want a simple nighttime tour, or if you're in the clubbing scene, or even if you want to try something diferent and board a helicopter flight, we have something for you! Las Vegas' unique nightlife brings a memorable experience, one you'll never come across elsewhere. You may bump into some celebrities who come to Las Vegas to dance and celebrate life at the same clubs and bars as you, Check out the other nightlife options we have to maximize your time in Las Vegas.    

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