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San Francisco Gay-Friendly Tours

The Chronicle reported in 2006 that it was California's second largest parade, after the Rose Bowl Parade. It's size is indicative of San Francisco's prominence in the nationwide LGBT Pride movement in the United States, but people here will tell you that they can have Pride, and maybe even a parade, or at least a party, any day of the year here in San Francisco. Since the first parade, and to some degree, even before that, there has been a strong, proud, political, and vocal community in San Francisco supporting diversity and civil rights for all of its citizens, crossing all ethnic, racial, and economic lines as well.  San Francisco welcomes almost anyone, the one exception being someone who is closed-minded and intolerant of the residents or visitors who might want to participate in all that our city has to offer.

Extranomical Tours is committed to these ideals and is an Equal Opportunity Company in its workplace policies and in serving the public at large.  We cater to all groups, populations, backgrounds, and national origins. Anyone who is willing to visit San Francisco is our type of traveler, and we enjoy meeting people from around the world and from all sides of any spectrum you can come up with, as long as you are open minded about who you might meet on your adventure.

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