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Your Local Guide


Hello there,

My name is Gino. I was born and brought up in Belarus​, which is known for its rich culture, creative arts and architecture. While in Belarus, I was mainly working on fixing cars. When I was not fixing cars, I was riding my bike exploring the beautiful City. I moved to San Francisco in 1995 and started working as a press operator. From 1998-2015 I worked as a Limo driver. Although I loved working as a Limo driver, I was exploring other opportunities in the Bay Area that were more fun and allowed me to be around people and share my love and knowledge of my beautiful city and that's how I landed at Extranomical Tours in 2015. Everyday has been exciting here and I love sharing my passion with my guests. While I am not working, I am most likely traveling with my family in my car, as I love driving. I love long distance biking and kayaking in large bodies of water. Someday I'd like to travel to Alaska and British Columbia. I am looking forward to having you on the tour.

Trip Guided by Gino 

Top 10 things to do in the Bay Area
  • 1) San Francisco Opera House – One of the world’s leading opera companies for more than 90 years. Company established in 1923. Each year a lot of famous artists from all over the world coming to San Francisco to perform on the stage. The Opera house is also home to San Francisco Ballet. It is now one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco inside and outside.
  • 2) Ferry Building Marketplace – This building is located in the central of the city and has been since 1898. The Clock tower is an icon of the San Francisco waterfront. It reopened in 2003 after a 4 years restoration. It also has a world class public food market.
  • 3) Bluegrass Jazz Festival in Golden Gate Park (2016: September 30 – October 2) – a free performance for over 100 musical artists on 7 stages. A fantastic festival that happens every year in the same place around the same time.
  • 4) Wine auction in Napa Valley - Every year in the first week of June: An auction filled with a variety of wines from different vineyards and also tasty food (with recipes you can get) from California’s artful cuisine including great performances.
  • 5) Ghirardelli square: Ice cream, wine and food. And most importantly - the views. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company hosts the annual Chocolate Festival every September – a two day celebration of CHOCOLATE with live music, chef demonstrations, ice cream eating contests and much more.
  • 6) Take a ferry to anywhere – You have lots of options: Sausalito, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, etc. San Francisco Bay is one of the most beautiful places in America. Most locals don’t even get there.
  • 7) Golden Gate Bridge – You can go walking or kayaking under the bridge. I prefer kayaking. There is scenery including the waves of Pacific Ocean views and another site where there are no waves in the bay.
  • 8) Walk down the pier in Pacifica – It is only 10 miles from city and a totally different view of the open ocean. The pier opened on November 1st , 1973. It is 40 feet long in the shape of an “L” and it is one of the most famous fishing and crabbing places for Bay Area locals. In the summer and early fall you can see whales if you’re lucky.
  • 9) Twin Peaks - One of the best views in the city in the center of San Francisco. On a clear day you can see downtown of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, all the bridges, Oakland, Berkley and the bay. You can also walk to the North Peak (Eureka Peak). You able to reach it by car, bike, or on foot.
  • 10) Wine Country - Just get there, check out the wineries – there are more than 1700 of them in Napa and Sonoma! Tour a winery and learn about wine making. Every winery seems to have a slightly different way of doing it. All are interesting and hey, you get to drink wine whilst learning something new. It is a great experience.


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