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San Francisco Treasures - Summer of Love Edition

San Francisco Treasures

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    The Extranomical logo is displayed on the side of the vehicle. It will say "Extranomical Tours" and is a very colorful tour vehicle with lots of pictures on the side. Alternatively, if your tour is on a luxury vehicle be on the look out for an all black vehicle that says Extranomical in white on the side.

  • Are there restrooms on board the vehicles?

    We cannot guarantee restroom facilities on any of our tours, although on our Total Yosemite Experience tour, we do make stops throughout the tour and there will be opportunities at the park for you to use the restroom.

  • What do I have to be aware of when traveling with a child?

    Please note that for your child's safety, we require you to bring a child safety seat or booster seat for all children under 8 years of age or 4' 9" in height, as dictated by California State Law. You will be required to bring your own child seat on all motor vehicle tours. Failure to provide a seat for your child will result in forfeit of your seats on the tour without a refund.

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    Customers are allowed up to 2 items (ie. 1 Personal item + 1 Overnight bag) to travel free of charge. These items must be within the size limitations. Each additional item above the allowance will incur a $25 excess luggage fee. Maximum Dimensions for Luggage -Overnight Bag size: 24”x16”x10”, (or 60cm x 40cm x 58 cm).

    Any Oversize luggage larger than the maximum size noted is $50 regardless of personal items brought on board.  (i.e. 1 Oversized Luggage - $50, 2 Oversized pieces = $100). 

    Great news! Our luggage policy does NOT apply to our Lake Tahoe tours! However, please be courteous and keep in mind that we have limited storage space on our vehicles.


  • Can I bring a wheelchair on the vehicle?

    We are only able to accommodate collapsible wheelchairs that fold flat. Please notify us in advance if you are bringing a wheelchair on the tour so that we can notify the driver of your vehicle.

  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Yes, items left in the vehicle are stored in a lost and found area for 30 days. If you left something on one of our tours, please give us a call at toll-free (866) 231-3752 to see if it has been found. Once you have confirmed with us that your item has been found by our staff and you are still in town, you can come by to pick up your item. Otherwise, we will ship almost any item to any destination within the U.S. for a flat fee of $25. Extranomical Tours is not responsible for lost or stolen items. See what happens to our lost and found items by checking out our Extranomical Charity Events.

  • How accurate are the times on the itinerary?

    Times listed are approximates only. Traffic and other unforeseen issues can cause delays or changes in these time which are out of our control. Please do not make flight/travel arrangements on the same day as your tour.

  • What is your address?

    We are located at 928 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94107 (between 5th Street and 6th Street).

San Francisco Treasures – Summer of Love Edition

Take a groovy magic carpet ride through San Francisco! Find your own Summer of Love! On this day tour of San Francisco, you’ll explore the city’s famous downtown landmarks, and for a limited time only, experience the sights and sounds that launched a cultural revolution.

Your “city insider” guide who knows just where to go to help you “turn on and tune in” to the best of San Francisco in 1967—and today. Don't’ just sit on the dock of the bay—see all the iconic landmarks at the heart of the city. Like The Embarcadero. Fisherman’s Wharf. Pier 39Palace of Fine Arts. Chinatown. And, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. (Make sure your phone has memory for all those selfies!)

Learn the stories. Be at the places. Your guide will share all the surprising, and crazy things that happened right here during the Summer of Love. 

We’ve made special arrangements on this limited-time-only tour of San Francisco. Enjoy exclusive experiences you won't get on other tours like a unique waterfront view of Golden Gate Bridge. Explore the origins of the Summer of Love—the Beats and poets of North Beach.

The tour runs 2½ to 3 hours. It’s a “companion” to Extranomical’s San Francisco Parks and Coast tour. So there's no overlap: it's all different. In other words: Do both San Francisco tours and see all of the city's attractions!

San Francisco Treasures Tour -  Times Approximate

This tour departs at 7:40 AM, 1:40 PM, and 7:10 PM* daily.

*Twilight tour features the lights of San Francisco and does not include a Beat Museum stop.

Note that traffic in San Francisco can be tricky. But don’t worry: We’ll tweak the itinerary as needed to give you the best possible tour. 

First hour:

  • We all meet up in front of the Zephyr Hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf. This place is surrounded by great shops, so come early and load up on snacks and coffee (yum).
  • As you settle into your seat, ask the other guests where they were (or where their parents were!) back in the summer of ’67. The answers may surprise you!
  • Enter North Beach. This is the awesome spot where the counter-culture revolution began. The cafés of Little Italy. Washington Square Park. Saint Peter & Paul Church. Telegraph Hill.
  • First stop: Exclusive entry to the Beat Museum (we’ve covered the entry fee!) You’ll learn how the Beats set the scene for the Summer of Love. Not into poetry? No problem. Grab a cappuccino.
  • Next up: Close-up views of Chinatown and its amazing street life. Sometimes the traffic is crazy, but we know the best ways through it. 

Second hour:

  • We take it nice and slow as we pass Nob Hill, Union Square, and other photo-worthy sights along the way. Like Grace Cathedral. The Fairmont and Mark Hopkins hotels. And the Pacific Union Club.
  • See the Transamerica Building (it’s a pyramid), and the historic Financial District. Learn how the wild Barbary Coast paved the way for the culture on burst onto the scene during the Summer of Love.
  • Cruise along the Embarcadero. Pass the Ferry Building. Then go to Fisherman’s Wharf where you’ll see Pier 39. Boudin Bakery. The Cannery. Aquatic Park. Keep your camera close for great shots of Alcatraz Island and cable cars “climbing up to the stars”.
  • Drive to San Francisco’s front porch: the Marina. Catch a view of the palatial ruins at the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s restored from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition! Feels like you’re stepping back in time. Awesome.
  • Venture into the Presidio. It’s beautiful. It’s historic—a former military base! It’s also home to one of the city’s only two cemeteries. 

Last 30 minutes:

  • Ready for the big finish? A stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field. Stretch your legs. Snap some pics. Text them home!
  • As the tour wraps up, your amazing guide will give you info about other Summer of Love events happening in the city—there are tons! When you get back to the Zephyr Hotel, you’ll part ways with your new friends. Or (better yet) stay on board for even more fun: Extranomical’s San Francisco Parks & Coast tour.

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San Francisco Treasures - Summer of Love Edition

Prices for the Summer of Love Tours are dependent on availability, itinerary, group size and activities. Please call 1-866-231-3752 or email [email protected] and [email protected] for a quote.


  • Hidden downtown landmarks and their stories
  • Exclusive stops for photos and discovery
  • Limited-time-only “Summer of Love” celebration
  • Expert perspective from “City insiders”
  • Multiple departures every day
  • VIP pampering
  • Friendly, flexible cancellation policy
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Add companion “Parks and Coast” tour and save
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