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Hello, my name is Marc and I grew up in the Sunset District on the foggy side of San Francisco. After spending 18 years climbing my way up the hotel/hospitality career ladder from Bellman to General Manager, it occurred to me that I really was not enjoying myself anymore, it was time for a change…but what to do? I always loved to travel so guiding tours seemed like a natural fit. I still remember my first day out on my own, I had a group of 13 in my van and I was headed to Yosemite. My passengers seemed to be having a great time and I managed to remember everything I was supposed to tell them. As we were returning to San Francisco that afternoon I remember thinking enthusiastically how I had found my calling and couldn’t believe I was getting paid to meet new people each day and show them around my state. That was Summer 2005. After a 3 year “lapse” back to the hotel business, I came back to my senses in 2010 and returned to the tour business. My favorite memory from touring was early on in my touring career, I had a group and was in Yosemite and I heard a nine-year-old boy say to his father after listening to my little history/geology lesson “Dad, I just learned more in the last two hours than I have all year in history class.” That may have been the most satisfying moment in my entire work life! I love touring because I get to meet new people from around the country and the world each day, show them my home, teach them a thing or two, learn a thing or two from them and listen in as they chat with others in the van from all walks of life….and I get to spend my days in California’s most beautiful spots. I hope to see you on my tour!

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