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Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood landmark

Sid Grauman's dream of opening a million dollar theatre complex in Los Angeles came true in January 1926 when construction began on the Chinese Theatre. Real estate mogul C.E. Toberman helped Grauman secure a long term lease on a piece of property located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard. The plans for the theatre were designed by both Grauman and architect Raymond Kennedy, a well known Hollywood architect. Norma Talmadge and Chinese actress Anna May Wong were both a part of the ground breaking ceremony and $2,000,000 later the Chinese Theatre was completed.

Artifacts such as pagodas, temple bells and stone Heaven Dogs were imported from China after an intricate web of government permissions were obtained. Famous poet and film director Quon Moon oversaw the crafting of stone decoration and statuary by Chinese craftsmen, most of which can still be seen in the forecourt. Along with the historic and cultural richness of the Chinese Theatre is the famous forecourt filled with footprints and hand prints of present and past celebrities. Millions of tourists each year flock to this Los Angeles Historic Landmark to view Hollywood history.

Today, the Chinese Theatre is a sought after venue for movie premiers and award shows. Hundreds of people flock to the sidewalks in front of the theatre during each star studded event to glimpse the majestic beauty of the theatre and celebrities. Sid Grauman wanted to create a lasting Hollywood landmark and he realized his desire by building the Chinese Theatre of Los Angeles.

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