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Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills sign, the most expensive housing area in USA

The community of Beverly Hills was declared open by the Percy H. Clark Company, land managers for the greater Los Angeles region, on October 22, 1906. Beverly Hills was described as a beautiful suburban residence nestled between the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Prior to this the land was known as the Hammel and Denker Ranch, one of Southern California's most productive lima bean plots. The Hammel and Denker Ranch sold the land to a group of syndicates, including Henry E. Huntington, who planned on creating residential properties and custom homes on the old ranch. The first marketing campaign described Beverly Hills as being between the city and the sea.

During the early days of the city of Beverly Hills, many important tourist attractions were built and are still standing today. The Beverly Hills Hotel was built in 1911 and thought to be an overly extravagant hotel costing $300,000 to complete. In 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford bought the Pickfair hunting lodge which they later renovated into a 22 room mansion which was the center of Beverly Hills social activity during the 1920's. The Los Angeles movie scene was booming and well known actors such as Harold Lloyd, John Barrymore, Robert Montgomery and Miraim Hopkins built residences in Beverly Hills during this time.

By the 1950's Beverly Hills was a sought after community full of well to do residents and a shortage of vacant properties. The city began to expand into the hills and during this time several expensive, posh housing developments were constructed. The city marketed itself as one of the most glamorous places in the world to shop and titled the center of the shopping district as the Golden Triangle which includes Rodeo Drive, Beverly Drive and Canon Drive.

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