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I am a traveler at heart. It seems obvious that I should have become a tour guide. Actually it really was not. My working life started as a technician in an oil refinery in the Rhine valley in Germany where I grew up. During a vacation in Spain I met a girl who lured me to California in 1994. My struggle to adjust to this strange and distant land included a stint at Berkeley. This resulted in a BA in Political Economy but did not really improve my ability to pay rent. After, shall I say, a troubled time, that included bike messaging, work in a medical office and yes, I have to admit; this is San Francisco after all, fomenting the revolution, I finally landed my first tour guiding job. At the time, of course, I had my head still so full of academic aspirations and potential teaching careers, that it took me a while to realize I had struck GOLD. Finally, instead of attempting to work to finance my passions, like travel, meeting new people, spending time outdoors and hiking, I could do all that and get paid for it. Need to know more? Hey, I am a tour guide not a writer. Come on a trip with me. I enjoy making my tour fun by coming up with nice walks, maybe cooling down by a river, playing some California tunes, chatting about history and the environment and ensuring we have some culinary adventures in a relaxed mood...

Trips Guided by Roman

Top 10 things to do in the Bay Area
  • 1) Check out We Be Sushi - start a night out in the Mission by having early bird (before 7pm) sushi dinner at We Be sushi on Valencia street.
  • 2) Go to Amnesia Bar on Monday Night - Amnesia is a cozy, red-lit music & beer hall in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Listen to some free Bluegrass at Amnesia bar on Monday nights.
  • 3) Catch some live tunes at Revolution Café - Revolution café is on 22nd street in San Francisco. You can enjoy a great selection of sandwiches, salads, sweets, European & domestic beers, old world and new world wines or speciality coffee drinks. They also offer great live music 7 nights a week. Do not miss! 
  • 4) See sunset or sunrise atop Bernal Heights - Bernal Heights lies to the south of San Francisco's Mission District. You can see amazing view over Noe Valley, the Mission, and the downtown skyline and it extends to Marin and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 5) Cross a Golden Gate Bridge on a bike - ride the bicycle over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin headlands building appetite for Ceviche and fish & chips at the restaurant "Fish" in Sausalito.
  • 6) Enjoy Indian food with wine - bring a nice bottle of wine to Lahore Karahi restaurant near Union Square for some amazing Indian food.
  • 7) See the San Francisco Mime Troup - the San Francisco Mime Troupe does not do silent pantomime. They talk, they sing, they make a lot of noise. They are satirists, seeking to make you laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life.
  • 8) Visit SF Zoo and take a walk along beautiful Ocean Beach - take public transportation to SF Zoo and walk along Ocean Beach towards the Golden Gate Bridge and the Wharf.
  • 9) Try Vietnamese rice noodles - Get tasty imperial roll over rice noodles at hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant Tu Lan on 6th street. It's on the 6th St. near Market street. ( item #16 on the Menu)
  • 10) Swim in the Bay - if you like swimming, you should go to the Aquatic Park. You can swim in the Bay early in the morning before the wind picks up. Then enjoy a hearty breakfast at Moulin made with love by an old Korean couple.
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