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Hi, this is Frank , an adventurous senior; wanting to enjoy as much of life as possible and live to the fullest. I am married with no children. Enthusiastic, believer, curious, tolerant, active listener, teacher, traveler, planner, tour guide, driver. Previous lives: teacher, missionary, AT&T. Presently, I am retired and happily working as an Expedition Leader.  I enjoy introducing visitors to San Francisco to the wonders of Northern California; Interacting and enjoying the company of people of all ages from all over the globe. I have traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Russia, China, and Canada. When I came to California from New York I drove cross-country stopping only in National Parks. I have always enjoyed showing my friends my favorite places and we always have a great time making new discoveries. I want to be enthusiastic on each tour and make each one a new and unique experience. So far it has been so. I enjoy what I am doing and want my guests to have a very memorable trip.

Trips Guided by Frank

Top 10 things to do in the Wine Country 
  • 1) Relax - there is no pressure, anxiety, or work to think about. Put away the cell phone. Leave the driving to someone else and simply delight in this day. It is for you. There is beautiful scenery to savor, great wines to taste to the full, and a wonderful lunch awaiting you. You are engulfed in nature and nature’s fruit. Immerse yourself in the experience.
  • 2) Enjoy - the sights, sounds, colors, smells, textures. Meet the people: locals and visitors from all over the world. They will enjoy meeting you. There are so many places to have a memorable meal: a deli meal eaten at a picnic table; a fine dining experience at one of the best restaurants in the world and everything in-between is available in wine country. No matter what your budget or time, a fine meal is not to be missed.
  • 3) Take pictures - take some great pictures and post immediately to show you friends how much fun you are having.
  • 4) Stay in the moment - don’t look at anyone’s responses yet. Simply stay in the moment and enjoy!
  • 5) Take a risk - be open to new experiences. Even if you have been to wine country many times, today is different. Each season reveals new surprises. The weather affects the vines—and you. There are a multitude of wines you have not yet tried. Try something you think you “don’t like.” Maybe you will be surprised. Try a sweet wine; try one you have never heard of; go to wineries you have never heard of before; try an area of wine country you have not been to or heard of!
  • 6) Enjoy a tour - if you would rather not spend the entire day in wine country join Extranomical Tours’ Woods and Wine Tour where you will be brought to Muir Woods early in the morning and then up to wine country to enjoy some fine wines and then returned to your hotel in time for a fine dinner with some wine you bought.
  • 7) Stay safe - there are so many wineries, and some of them very generous in their pours, it is easy to get excited and try to visit as many as you can. Slow down. You are here to relax and enjoy. Ask yourself: “Can I really taste the difference? Is it beginning to all taste the same?” It might be time to take a time out. Walk around the beautiful grounds of a few wineries. Smell the flowers. Try a special snack.
  • 8) Get out of the Wineries - there are lovely small towns in wine country that have worked hard to retain their charm. Many of the shops and stores are locally owned with unique items to browse. You do not have to purchase. However, you might just find that “something” that you have been looking for forever.
  • 9) Tour with a Wine Country Expert - if you are looking for a fantastic experience and really want to leave everything to an expert, take a Wine Lover’s Tour with Extranomical Tours. You will be picked up at your hotel in a luxury van, visit boutique wineries, meet new friends, enjoy a full commentary from an expert guide, brought to a wonderful place for lunch, and returned safely to your hotel.
  • 10) Repeat - you’re relaxed and having a good time. Start over again and repeat!
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