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Hi, my name is Victor. I am from Mexico, the land of “Tequila and Mariachi”. I moved to the US about 13 years ago for the academic reasons. My major is in Communications. I did some work for media and for some other corporations until I realized my passion for traveling was calling. Traveling means a lot to me. From my own experience, traveling has changed my vision of the world and has given me the opportunity to get the education, to understand other cultures and, like I always say on my tours, traveling is about PEOPLE making friends and creating connections. Since I first came to San Francisco I fell in love with the city. There is something very unique about this place: the music, the art, the neighborhoods, the food. I am very grateful to be able to show our guests the beautiful places around. Cheers for all the amazing places waiting to be discovered!

Trips Guided by Victor

Top 10 Things to Do in the Bay Area
  • 1) Walking Around the Neighborhoods - I know, with all the hills, walking around the city might not sound like a good idea, but it is totally worth it, especially when you want to get the vibe of every single neighborhood in San Francisco. I love walking around so much because I enjoy the unique architecture of San Francisco (the painted ladies). There are so many amazing Victorian houses to discover!
  • 2) The Coastal Trail - On the same note. Hiking the coastal trail is one of my favorite walks. Starting at Golden Gate Bridge, this walk gives me some of the most amazing views of the coast. I love to finish a day with a nice dinner at the Cliff House where the trail ends.
  • 3) Segway Around (when I don't feel like walking) - Walking around San Francisco is not easy. Want a better way? SEGWAY! One of my favorite things to do is to take a Segway and go to the municipal pier. Such a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the city skyline!
  • 4) Eating - It it is not a big secret: San Francisco is pretty well-known as a great food destination. There are so many places to have delicious authentic food in the city. My favorite is the Mission district with the best Mexican and Hispanic food. I approve all of the restaurants around this neighborhood.
  • 5) Dolores Park Chill Out Day - My relaxation days will often turn into a walk to the beautiful Dolores Park. Taking a nap in the grass, having a beer and looking at the beautiful skyline of the city feels great.
  • 6) Thrift Stores Visit - Many neighborhoods in the city have some very interesting thrift stores. The San Francisco Fashion is very unique. My favorites are on Valencia Street.
  • 7) Be Part of the Parades and Festivals - One of the most exciting activities in San Francisco are related to the parades and festivals. From the Chinese New Year parade to the Pride Parade... good times for sure!
  • 8) The Roxy Theater - I love movies, who doesn’t? One of the most often suggested places to watch the best movies and documentaries is the Roxy. Popcorn, a good company and a cool movie, that’s all we need sometimes.
  • 9) The Must-Do Visit to Sausalito - Napa Burger and Scoma’s are the main reasons why I love Sausalito. Did I mention the wine tasting rooms?
  • 10) Pet Other People’s Dogs - Since I can’t have a dog in my small place, if people give me their permission, I’m going to pet as many dogs as I can. So many dogs in this small city...What could be a better place to live in or to visit?!
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