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Craft Beer Tasting Tour in San Francisco

All-Star Craft Beer Crawl

  • How will we recognize the tour vehicle?

    As we have several different vehicles, we don’t know until the morning of your tour which vehicle will be hosting your tour as well as the name of your Expedition Leader. Please feel free to call us in the morning of your tour if you like. Regardless of which vehicle will come to your location, it should say “Extranomical Tours” on it.

  • Are there restrooms on board the vehicles?

    Our vehicles at this time do not have any restroom facilities. We do, however, make several stops throughout the tours and there will be opportunities for you to use the restroom.

  • What do I have to be aware of when traveling with a child?

    Please note that for your child's safety, we require you to bring a child safety seat or booster seat for all children under 8 years of age or 4' 9" in height, as dictated by California State Law. You will be required to bring your own child seat on all motor vehicle tours. Failure to provide a seat for your child will result in forfeit of your seats on the tour without a refund. Please also note that any children 12 years and older must have an adult ticket as they do not qualify for a child-priced ticket. 

  • What kind of luggage am I allowed to bring?

    You are allowed up to travel with up to 2 items (i.e. 1 Personal item + 1 Overnight bag) free of charge. These items must be within the size limitations.

    The maximum size allowed for an overnight bag is 22”x14”x9”, or 56cmx36cmx23cm. Any “Oversize” luggage larger than those dimensions is $50 regardless of the number of personal items brought on board. (i.e. 1 Oversized luggage - $50, 2 Oversized pieces = $100). You must advise us of oversize luggage 48 hours prior to departure in order to guarantee the accommodation of the luggage on the vehicle.

    Great news! Our luggage policy does NOT apply to our Lake Tahoe tours! However, please be courteous and keep in mind that we have limited storage space on our vehicles.

  • Can I bring a wheelchair on the vehicle?

    We do have wheelchair-capable vehicles available – subject to availability. Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you are bringing a wheelchair on the tour or at the time of your booking so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Yes, items left in the vehicle are stored in a lost and found area for 30 days. If you left something on one of our tours, please give us a call office at 1-866-231-3752 (toll free from the USA) or 1-415-357-0700 to see if it has been found. Once you have confirmed with us that your item has been found by our staff and you are still in town, you can come by to pick up your item. Otherwise, we will ship almost any item to any destination within the U.S. for a flat fee of $25. Extranomical Tours is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • How accurate are the times on the itinerary?

    Times listed are approximates only. Traffic and other unforeseen issues can cause delays or changes in these times, which are out of our control. Please do not make flight/travel arrangements on the same day as your tour. Extranomical Tours is not responsible for and will not be providing any compensation for missed flights or appointments.

  • What is your address?

    We are located at 1590 Yosemite Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124.

Put your game face on—we’re about to do some serious beer tasting. The craft brewing scene in San Francisco is electric and changing by the day. This small-group tour through the San Francisco districts features award-winning beers served up in new-urban style. Our tour changes from time to time—here are the Spring/Summer 2018 highlights.

“Dogpatch” is man’s best friend.  “Dogpatch” is the fresh new scene for craft and micro-brewing in San Francisco. Triple Voodoo is the quintessential urban brew pub—ridiculously small and rowdy. Sixteen rotating beers on tap. If the Eagle Rare Barrel Aged King Leo Belgian stout or the Just Because oatmeal pale ale are available—try them!

Urban brew masters. It’s a short trip over to the Central Waterfront district to visit our next all-star. When you arrive at the appropriately-named Harmonic Brewing, look for a seat at the bar. The Yonder Wall Wit, Cold Press Stout and Harmonic Kolsch are fan favorites. Some of the experimental brews reach 8% alcohol, so sip carefully! Need a little snack, try an order of the Good-to-go-dumplings. Amazing!

Back to the future. Before Anchor Brewing became a full-fledged commercial brewery, it was a billiards saloon. One hundred and twenty years later, the establishment is new again. Across from their Potrero Hill brewery, Public Taps is home to The Potrero Project—a collection of beers brewed and served exclusively for on-site patrons. We tried and loved Od'Vi Strong Ale, Peach P'Weisse and the Double Trouble IPA. Hungry? Try the food trucks in the parking lot.

What’s your gastrological sign? Our last stop is a downtown gastropub that captures the essence of San Francisco—both old and new. Bartlett Hall has a broad selection of beverages including its own house-brewed beer. If your body is saying its dinnertime, go ahead and hang. The Bartlett’s friendly staff have designed a seasonally-driven menu that’s both approachable and forward-thinking. 

Tour is available on Saturdays only. Approximate time 2:00pm - 6:30pm. You need to be 21 or over in order to join the tour and participate in tastings.  First tour date is May 12, 2018.


  • Convenient pickup near Union Square (2:00 pm)
  • Tour the production room and enjoy a flight at a Dogpatch brewery
  • Taste and learn the fine points of brewing at a Waterfront District micro-brewery

Early Evening:

  • Enjoy experimental beers at Anchor Brewing Public Tap
  • Return to San Francisco’s Union Square
  • Enjoy the vibe at an urban gastropub
  • Optional: stay for dinner (not included)

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Craft Beer Tasting Tour in San Francisco


  • Pickup in San Francisco’s Union Square
  • Guided, small-group tour by a fellow beer enthusiast
  • Visit four award-winning craft breweries
  • Tour production facilities, meet brew masters
  • Tasting flights at each brewery (included)
  • Free WiFi on vehicle
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

ツアー料金*大人 (12+)

Tour is available on Saturdays only. First tour date is May 12, 2018.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed