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Your Local Guide


Hi, I’m John and am excited to be your future guide! I’m originally from Georgia, but after graduating I jumped at the chance of seeing more of the world. I first hiked the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia camping out and hitchhiking into towns to get more supplies. Then I worked in greenhouses in Spain before traveling to Senegal and Ireland where I was working on organic farms. After returning to the U.S., I had a blast living and working in Grand Teton National Park until I joined the Peace Corps and worked as an Agricultural Extentionist in Paraguay presenting organic techniques and beekeeping to family farmers. I’m now excited to be in the Bay Area and am still exploring and enjoying the west coast. I value different cultures and perspectives and am glad that I can work in an environment with people from around the world. The mountains in Yosemite and the coastline along Highway 1 are well worth the visit if for nothing else! There’s no doubt that you will enjoy the trip to this part of the world and it will be my pleasure to show you around. Hope to see you here soon!


Trips Guided by John

Top 10 things to do in the Bay Area
  • 1) Hike at Tilden Park - Tilden Regional Park is made up of the hills just behind Berkeley. It’s a beautiful spot during a clear or cloudy day for an open walk or run with the smell of Eucalyptus trees and a beautiful view of the entire bay.
  • 2) Hike in Redwood Regional Park - the Redwood trees here are gorgeous and shady at Redwood Regional. There are flat and more arduous trails around here, which makes it conducive for all hikers and walkers. If it’s too hot and sunny to go to Tilden I usually go for a run in the shade of the Coastal Redwoods here.
  • 3) Visit Muir Woods - these are some of the biggest Coastal Redwoods near San Francisco. These trees are larger than life and easily accessible with nicely built trails. It’s also where Return of The Jedi was filmed so keep an eye out for the Ewoks!
  • 4) Visit the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park - this stuff will blow your mind! Here you will find a planetarium, natural history museum and an aquarium. There are interesting subjects for the whole family along with photography exhibits from award-winning photographers, geology exhibits and lectures from scientists. Check out the website and see what’s going on right now!
  • 5) Walk across the Golden Gate - you can’t leave San Francisco and tell all your friends that you DIDN’T walk across the Golden Gate. What a bummer! The view over the Pacific is beautiful and you might even see some whales down below. Just be sure to leave your wheelbarrows and horses at the hotel as they are on a list of “prohibited item” that aren’t allowed across.
  • 6) Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Golden Gate Park - while you’re in Golden Gate Park you might as well make a full day of it. Here you’ll find different exhibits and styles of artwork from figurative, pop, modern; contemporary…the list goes on and on. Explore artists’ works and their creative philosophies. Go check it out and see for yourself!
  • 7) Take a ferry to Alcatraz Island - there are lots of creepy and interesting stories about this legendary prison. Al Capone, Robert Shroud and Machine Gun Kelly were all fortunate enough to call this place home. Meanwhile you’ll also see different species of sea birds and gardens left over from prison guards and prisoners.
  • 8) Bike ride to Sausalito - a bike ride in Sausalito is a nice way to get a break from the busy streets of San Francisco for a morning or afternoon. It’s just across the Golden Gate Bridge and you can grab a coffee by the bay, rent a bike to explore around the town and then finish up with lunch or dinner. The views by the shore are beautiful.
  • 9) Watch the sunset from Treasure Island - Treasure Island was actually built from the dirt and rock that was carved out to create the tunnel through Yerba Buena Island for the Bay Bridge. It used to be a navy base until 1997, but now it’s a small community and a perfect spot to watch the sun set over San Francisco with views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 10)Go to Fat Slice in Berkeley - if you’re checking out one of the top universities in the States at UC Berkeley you should also grab one of the top slices of pizza in the States at Fat Slice. Well, at least all the students think it’s some of the best in the nation.
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