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Monster Park, San Francisco

Monster Park, San Francisco

Monster Park, originally known as Candlestick Park, is the home of the American Football team San Francisco 49ers and a special monument for the cities history. The stadium was built in 1958 and cost $24.6m and in 1960 became the San Francisco 49ers new home. In 1966 The Beatles played their last ever concert for paying fans at Monster Park.

Interesting facts about Monster Park:

  • The stadium has a capacity of 70,000
  • There are over 1500 employees working at every game day
  • 150,000 Hot Dogs and Sausages are sold every game day
  • 30,000 Peanuts
  • 45,000 Servings of Garlic Fries
  • 138,000 Sodas
  • 53,000 Hamburgers
  • 14,000 Ice Cream Bars
  • 30,000 Lemonades
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