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East Bay Urban Wine Tour PM

East Bay Urban Wine Tour PM

East Bay Urban Wine Tour

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A Wine Country Tour in half a day?

Well, it depends on how you define the Wine Country.  We all know about the famous Wine Country of the North Bay, but by the time you get there from San Francisco, taste some wine and allow time to drive back, you need a whole day.  It’s a great tour and we can take you there every day of the year.  But if you are visiting San Francisco and don’t have a whole day and you still want to taste the fruit of California’s vines, we’ve got the tour for you.  And if you live in San Francisco, it’s a great way to do something different, spending a fun afternoon with your friends tasting great California wines after lunch, and we do the driving!  We’ll visit 2 or 3 great wineries hidden away in the concrete jungles of Oakland and surrounding cities, and we’ll get you back to San Francisco in time to have dinner with one of your new favorite wines.

So where are the vineyards in Oakland?  Well, I didn’t say there were grape vines, but, winemakers? Yes!  And lots of them.  Good ones, too.  Not exactly well-known as “wine country”, Oakland is nevertheless home of several good winemakers and we know just how to find them.  Many of them are “graduates” of the well-known Rosenblum Winery, located in an old naval base in Alameda since 1987.  Many of them are young and bring a fresh, dare I say “hip” outlook to the art of winemaking and presentation – and did I mention they’re… Urban? Most people think of the rolling hills of Napa and Sonoma when they think of wine country in California. When you hear about the Urban Wineries of the East Bay, you might think they’re up in the hills above Berkeley or Piedmont, and you’d be wrong.  They’re in exotic places like Emeryville, Alameda and Oakland.  But no worries, we’ll show you the way, handle the logistics, and most importantly, handle the driving for your Urban Winetasting Safari!

We’ll start the day off right by letting you sleep in! (Or get some last minute work done on that presentation for Monday.)  Then we’ll honk the horn, metaphorically, between 12 and 1 pm at your San Francisco Hotel’s front door.  We’ll give you a short history and geography lesson (concentrating on the intersection of “California” and “Wine”) as we cross the Bay Bridge on the way to urban jungles of the East Bay.  You’ll start your wine tour by making a run for the border of Emeryville, a bustling suburb of Oakland, and then work our way down Oakland’s version of the Silverado Trail (known to the locals as I-880).  We’ll stop at 3 wineries with tasting rooms by the time they close at 5 and have you back in the city by 6 pm. You’ll still have enough time to nap or freshen up, or both, to get ready for a nice meal where you can pop the cork on one of your purchases from your afternoon winery tour.

This is a nice tour for people who want to enjoy the California wine experience but don’t have a whole day free to spend on driving time. This tour is also perfect for people who have been to the wine country before and know the routine, and want to try a different angle on the wine-tasting experience.  It’s absolutely perfect for people who want to sleep late, have brunch, and follow it with a fun afternoon with friends trying and buying wines and letting someone else drive!  Enjoy wines you’ve never tried before, in a casual and sometimes edgy, but always fun, atmosphere, without the full-day commitment it takes to travel north into the Sonoma or Napa Valleys.  Less driving, more wine tasting!

East Bay Urban Wine Tour Available Sundays or other days by request

East Bay Urban Wine Tour - Times Approximate
(15 passenger van or mini-bus)

12:00-1:00 PM
Pick up from San Francisco downtown and Fisherman’s Wharf hotels.
Visit your first tasting room
Load up and drive to the second winery
3:00 PM
Visit the second tasting room
4:00 PM
Load up and drive to the third winery
4:15 PM
Visit the third tasting room
5:00 PM
Finish up at your third winery and head back to the City
5:30 - 6:00 PM
Drop off at San Francisco Hotels.

Customer Reviews

East Bay Urban Wine Tour PM
– sarah r. on 08/14/2012

It felt like a day out with friends. I tagged along with a group of 5 even older than myself women from Colorado. The van was very comfortable and now I feel like I can say after 3 years living here, ok, NOW I did the wine tour thing. Marc did a great job in tailoring the day to the group with a lunch stop and just sensing what would be fun for us. Every stop felt like being in a movie set about wine country which is the experience I wanted.
– Joanne N. on 08/06/2012

Flexibility with wineries to go to, knowledge of our guide and free lunch to enjoy as we wished


  • Half-day wine tour
  • Visits East Bay wineries
  • Winery Stops: 3
  • Wine Tasting Fees: Not Included
  • Complimentary hotel pickup
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