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Hi I’m Steve. My “first career” was as a high school history teacher in Massachusetts. I loved the kids and had a wonderful time imparting knowledge in a fun and creative way. But the 80’s and the era of budget cuts were around the corner. I did not enjoy seeing what was going on in the education world and left for the construction world as my “second career”.  I enjoyed the challenges of management, scheduling and deadlines. I traveled all over the country and some of the world and saw some wonderful and beautiful places. When it finally came time to think about slowing down and knowing that I was not the type who could lay back and retire, I fell back on what had become my two real loves, history and traveling.  So I am now in my “third career”, guiding, and I love it! I started out driving a historical tour trolley in Boston, MA. Now I am in San Francisco with the opportunity to meet new people and challenges. Life is great. I look forward to meeting you on one of our Extranomical tours!

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