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Monument Valley

Monument Valley – More Than Just A Park

Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau on the southern border of Utah and Arizona. It is within the Navajo Nation Reservation near the town of Mexican Hat and is accessible from U.S. Highway 163. Monument Valley is administered by the Navajo, which means that it is not a state conservation area such as the nearby Navajo National Monument.

Monument Valley is more than just a park - it is home to many Navajo Indians. They have still preserved their traditions, their language, their lifestyle, their crafts and their harmonious relationship with the land. 

The park is also known for its mesas which have been used as a backdrop for several movies. Thus, this hardly usable agricultural area is now one of the most famous Wild West scenes. Another feature of Monument Valley is its sandstone buttes - with the largest reaching 1,000 ft above the valley floor. 

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Sightseeing Nearby

If you are visiting Monument Valley, make sure to stop by other beautiful sights nearby: Valley of Gods, Dark Canyon, Historic Bluff, Lake Powell, and more.

Valley of Gods is a scenic backcountry area and a hidden jewel north of Monument Valley. It offers red rock cliffs, buttes, towering pinnacles, and tall mesas.

Dark Canyon is a popular backpacking region in the heart of Southeast Utah. It was named Dark Canyon due to its high steep walls that narrow in the lower section so that light is blocked and becomes a dark canyon.

Bluff is a small community in Utah that is nestled between enormous 300-foot sandstones and the San Juan River. Three iconic features are Locomotive Rock, Twin Rocks, and the Bluff Ballroom.

Lake Powell is a lake on the Colorado River - it is one of the world’s nicest places for houseboating. It was created by a flood of Glen Canyon, which now attracts more than two million visitors each year. The 186-mile lake begins from the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona all the way through Utah and offers cool blue water and brilliant red-rock scenery.

Fun Activities in the Valley

Visitors who want to explore Monument Valley have a lot of possibilities. The valley itself has several bike trails that run through the mountains and canyons of Southeast Utah.

For people who prefer to hike through this region, there are also numerous options. Most of the trails lead to rock art and extraordinary ancient Anasazi structures. Walking routes are also available in different difficulty levels.

Other activities include horseback riding, camping, hot air balloons, and sometimes airplane flights are available. Some parts of the valley, such as Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa, are only accessible through a guided tour.