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Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip is Worth the Trip

The Las Vegas Strip is a famous section of Las Vegas Boulevard, a street in Clark County, Nevada. Most travelers think that the Strip is located within the city of Las Vegas, but it actually lies south of the city and passes through the unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester. The Strip stretches 4.2 miles from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Stratosphere Tower at the northern end. To see a Las Vegas Strip map, please click here.

There are many landmarks due to the dramatic architecture and design of the Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Most of the largest, extravagant hotels and casinos are located on the strip. As the sun goes down, the streets and hotels light up and becomes a beautiful and remarkable night to remember. It’s definitely worth a trip to Las Vegas. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that you will be amazed by what it has to offer. Just take a day or night tour to explore the fascinating sights of Las Vegas in a short amount of time.

40,000 Hotel Rooms – Comfort, Elegance and Luxury

The first casino on the Strip was called The El Rancho Vegas, which opened on April 3, 1941 with 63 rooms. 20 years later it was destroyed by a fire. Due to the success of the very first casino, a second hotel called the Hotel Last Frontier, spawned on what would become the Strip in 1942.

South Las Vegas Boulevard was first named Arrowhead Highway, or Los Angeles Highway. The Strip was later named by a Los Angeles police officer, Guy McAffe, after his hometown’s Sunset Strip.

Since then, more and more hotels and casinos were constructed. Today there are about 38 major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The average number of rooms for each hotel is 1,000. This means that there are about 40,000 hotel rooms on the Las Vegas Strip for you to choose from. Each hotel and casino has various events, restaurants, activities, etc. as well as different levels of comfort, elegance, and luxury.

Free Attractions to Enjoy

There are a lot of opportunities and things to do on the Las Vegas Strip. Depending on the attraction, some have fees, but some are free as well.

One of the popular attractions is the Bellagio Fountains. There will be a complimentary fountain show that shows daily with various show times, consisting of music, water, and lights. The fountains extend over 460 feet (140 meters) in the lake located in front of The Bellagio Hotel. In addition, The Bellagio Hotel has a beautifully, decorated botanical garden located inside behind its reception.

Another exciting yet free attraction is the volcano at the Mirage Hotel. During the day it may seem tame, but at night the volcano features: waterfalls, fire, smoke, and massive fireballs that shoot up more than 12 feet in the air. The show runs nightly every hour so be sure to drop by to see its eruption!

The Sirens of TI at the Treasure Island Hotel is another outdoor show where a group of pirates perform with an attractive and exciting combination of music, dancing, seduction, danger, and special effects. You will love it!

For Las Vegas day trips, nightlife activities or other fascinating attractions in Las Vegas, check out our Las Vegas Tours.