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Hey, this is Ross here. I was Born and raised just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Went to school at a place called Central Michigan University, graduating with a degree in International Business and Economics. Unfortunately decided to graduate in December of 2008, directly after the economy crashed so there weren't many jobs available. Unable to find jobs in business, ended up working in restaraunts and door to door sales. Fed up with doing these types of jobs, and unable to find a job in business, I decided to go International. I started traveling and working a variety of interesting gigs around the world. Rebuilding a medieval castle in France, Managing a tour company in Barcelona Spain, working as a Volcano Boarding guide in Nicaragua and a white water rafting guide on the Rio Grande in New Mexico. After several years of moving around doing this, I finally moved up to the Bay Area where I have absolutely fallen in love with the place and am happy to call it home. I am looking forward to meeting you soon! 


Trips Guided by Ross

Top 10 things to do in the Bay Area
  • 1) Visit the Mountain View Cemetery - Oakland - a Beautiful cemetery in Oakland, where many people walk dogs, jog and even picnic. Offers WONDERFUL views of the bay including BOTH downtown Oakland and San Francisco. Also the final resting place of many local notable people including the chocolate king Domingo Ghiradelli.
  • 2) Stroll through Muir Woods - see tall trees. The tallest types of trees in the world in fact. The Coastal Redwood. Miles of trails and can even climb up 'mountains' to get views of the oceans through the Redwood Forests.
  • 3) Walk the Lands End Trail - A trail leading from the Sea Cliff neighborhood on the west side of the Golden Gate bridge (Recommended to start at Baker Beach). The trail goes through beautiful park land along the coast of the bay/ocean and ends up at Sutro Baths (another recommendation on this list). About three miles in total. Walking among cliff faces along the water.
  • 4) Hike at Point Reyes - Point Reyes is a National Seashore along the coast of California, located about an hour North of San Francisco. There are many hikes available in this area, including a short earthquake where you are able to see the San Andreas fault as the fault goes directly through the Seashore. Lots of wildlife to see in the Tomalas Bay directly next to the park. Camping is available too.
  • 5) Have fun at Musee Mechanique - located on Pier 41 on Fishermans Wharf, the Musee Mechanique is a museum that houses old arcade games from the 1800's all the way up to modern day. All these arcade games still work, only costing a quarter or two to play. Where else in San Francisco can you spend $5 dollars and be entertained for an hour?.
  • 6) Walk around the Sutro Baths Ruins - ruins of an old bath house that burned down in the 1960's on the edge of the city directly on the ocean. If it hasn't flooded too much, you can easily walk around the ruins and there is a bunch of information about the history and what not at the National Park office above the ruins. There is also a fantastic, if quite fancy restaurant, next to it called the Cliff House. The Cliff house has fantastic ocean views. A reservation around sunset is highly recommended.
  • 7) Lounge at the Dolores Park - Dolores Park is one of San Francisco's most popular parks, crowded with locals lounging in the sun, enjoying beverages, outdoors and beautiful views of the city. A great place to go, relax and enjoy the local vibrant atmosphere.
  • 8) Walk the Clarion Alley - an alley that goes from Mission to Valencia streets (between 17th and 18th street) that is absolutely covered in artwork. Street Murals. Some depicting issues of the day, others being quite irreverent. It is always changing so what you see one week may not be the same artwork you see the next week.
  • 9) Browse the City Lights Book Store - Located in the active North Beach neighborhood, a famous beatnik haunt. One of the few truly great independent bookstores in the United States. Open into the late evening for browsing, City Lights Book Store is a publisher, publishing such famous authors at Jack Kerouac.
  • 10)Visit the Fortune Cookie Factory - Located in Ross Alley in China Town, a nice little secret place where you can see fortune cookies made by hand. Taking pictures costs a dollar or two to help support the factory, and you can also buy bags and bags of fortune cookies. A little blast to the past, one of the last few places where fortune cookies are made by hand.
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