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Wine Country Tours from Sausalito

Sausalito is a picturesque little "Mediterranean-style" town with great views of San Francisco and the Bay, and lots of shops and restaurants, and a few small hotels. For those who choose to get away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, Sausalito is a quiet alternative. But to get from there to California's famous Wine Country, you might find that you need someone like us to take you there. Instead of driving yourself around to tasting rooms with a lap full of maps, you can choose an Extranomical Tour with an experienced guide to show you the sights, find the good wines and food, and most importantly, a sober driver to keep you out of the slammer! We'll pick you up at your Sausalito hotel and drop you off at the end of a great day of wine tasting and sightseeing in plenty of time to take a nap before dinner, if that suits you. Click away and choose from the different tour packages that we offer with Sausalito as your departure point.

  • 葡萄酒乡红木林—— 世外桃源一日游: $117起。

    一天之内体验缪尔森林和美丽的加州葡萄酒乡,离旧金山不到一小时的车程,缪尔森林和葡萄酒乡是北加州最受欢迎的目的地。首先,我们先穿过金门大桥(Golden Gate Bridge), 进入缪尔森林国家生态纪念碑(Muir Woods National Monument),那是一个美丽的山谷, 到处都是沿海红杉树,红杉是世界上最高的树。下午,您可以在葡萄酒乡尽情放松,参观精品酒庄,品尝红酒,漫步葡萄园。每个酒庄大约停留45-60分钟,午餐将会在历史悠久的Sonoma索诺玛广场。一日之内让您体会加州自然风光和葡萄酒乡文化之旅的最佳组合!


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  • Wine Lover’s Luxury Wine Country Tour - From $159! Includes 2 wine tastings and picnic lunch! The Wine Lover's Luxury Tour with gourmet picnic lunch is for people who love wine! And you also get to see the beautiful scenery of California’s premier wine valleys, Sonoma and Napa. You will visit four boutique wineries and we do our best to avoid the crowds. The tour even includes a gourmet picnic lunch! This trip will allow you to sample wines from well-known growing regions like Napa Valley’s Stags Leap, Rutherford, and St. Helena, and Los Carneros, Glen Ellen and Sonoma Valley. The tour is somewhat flexible, and we can work with the group to adjust the itinerary, within distance and time limitations. This is a perfect tour for wine experts and also those just beginning their discovery of California wines. Some wineries offer complimentary tastings, but many charge a fee of $15 to $25, and winery tours may also cost extra.

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  • Corporate Wine Country Bus Charter

    Our custom Wine Country bus charters from San Francisco are the perfect way to spend an unforgettable day in Napa and/or Sonoma in the Wine Country. Choose the wineries you prefer or allow us to select them for you. Enjoy the luxury of VIP wine tastings and private winery tours. The options to customize your Corporate Wine Country Charter itinerary are unlimited!

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  • 奥特莱斯购物游以及纳帕山谷品酒游—$82起。

    准备好享受大牌折扣血拼了吗?我们的奥特莱斯购物加纳帕山谷品酒一日游绝对适合您 — 4小时的购物时间,您将获得一个VIP优惠券手册,可享品牌最大70%的折扣!第一站是瓦卡维尔顶级奥特莱斯,拥有120多家店,是湾区最大的奥特莱斯之一。内有餐馆可享用午餐。下午前往纳帕山谷酒庄,欣赏红酒之乡美景同时,尽情放松小憩。在返回旧金山路上,有机会在金门大桥停留拍照。准备好购物清单,开始享受省钱买大牌的乐趣吧!

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  • Private Wine Country Tour From San Francisco

    Spend a day in the fabulous California Wine Country on your private Wine Country tour and enjoy the luxury of private winery tours and wine tastings. Choose your own wineries or allow us to arrange them for you. The itinerary for your private Wine Country tour will be arranged to fit your group’s interests and tastes and is fully customizable. A private Wine Country tour is perfect for birthdays, bachelor/ette parties and more.

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California Wine Country - Almost half of California's 1400+ wineries are located in our 2 premier wine producing regions, Napa and Sonoma Counties, within about 100 miles of San Francisco. The variety of micro-climates, soils, terrains, and the Gold Rush of European immigrants led to the growth of the wine industry back in the mid 1800's! Starting in Sonoma (see Sonoma history), the region had about 60 years of increased tourist activity until the 1906 earthquake and Prohibition starting in 1919 put a most winemakers under for another 60+ years. A new era of prosperity began in the 70's (see Napa Valley) and now there are about 650 wineries located in Napa and Sonoma counties. You can travel far away from San Francisco and find great wines, why would you? Then you wouldn't be near San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge - On many of our Wine Country Tours, we travel across the Golden Gate Bridge. We found a less frequently visited viewpoint to get one of the most spectacular views of The Golden Gate Bridge and the City of San Francisco that makes for incredible photo opportunities. It has been called the most beautiful bridge on earth, and is matched perfectly with its surrounding in color and shape. Finished in 1937, it has stood the test of time and proved itself to be one the great engineering projects of the modern era.

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