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  • How do I book or make a reservation?

    You can book online to receive an online discount or call our office at  1-866-231-3752 or  1-415-357-0700. We require a valid credit card to hold all phone & internet reservations.

  • How do I pay for my tour?

    If you are reserving your tour online, your credit card will be charged. Reservations by phone require a credit card to hold your seat(s). You can also come to our SOMA office prior to the tour departure date and pay cash directly.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We also accept Debit cards with symbols of these card companies. 
    Cash: Guests can pay cash at our SOMA location for any tour.  

    Apologies, but we do not provide a travel or personal check payment option.

  • Will I get a discount if I book a second tour?

    Yes, you can get a up to $9 off your second tour. The $9 discount can be applied to Extranomical operated tours only. 

  • Is there any advantages by booking my tour online?

    You will get an automatic discount on your first tour when you book online at!

  • Can I cancel or change my reservation?

    Cancellations or changes must be made 72 hours before tour departure, or at least 10 days in advance if the reservation includes a hotel accommodation to get a partial refund. 

    Airport shuttle transfers, all Bay Cruises & Ferry Tickets,  Alcatraz Tours, Show tickets, Seaplane Tours are non-refundable. Cancellations and changes are subject to a 10% or $35 fee, depending on a tour. 

  • Where should I pick up the tickets for my tour?

    You don't need a ticket for most of our tours, vouchers are provided when they are needed. Most times your confirmation email is enough. We will specify in your email confirmation after you've booked the Yosemite tour what information you will need to have with you.


我们的冬季一日游, 从旧金山(San Francisco) 出发。优山美地国家公园(Yosemite National Park) 是全年开放,而我们的冬季一日游将让您们体会到优山美地国家公园冬日雪景的美丽景象。想像这一幅美丽画面,优胜美地山谷(Yosemite Valley) 由柔软洁白的雪覆盖着,动物的足印散落在半圆白顶山(Half-Dome)的牧场上,也许这可能是山狼猎取它们作午餐时所留下的足印。我 们会安排您们游览新娘面纱瀑布(Bridalveil Falls),灵感隧洞(Inspiration Point Tunnel View), 埃尔卡皮坦山(El Capitan), 半圆顶山(Half Dome), 优山美地大瀑布(Yosemite Falls),以及在优山美地旅馆吃午饭。 


当天下午,如果天气及路面条件许可的情况下, 我们会给予你们徒步远足的机会, 走入优山美地树林去看优山美地巨型杉树。如果路面积雪及安全问题不容许我们远足,我们下午的行程则改为到优山美地山谷步行探索, 拍摄更多季节性瀑布及其他奇妙的冬季景色, 或在公园的商店,博物馆观看。如果您们只在旱季游览过优山美地,那么我们的冬季一日游将带给您们全新的难忘体验。在冬天, 少于10%的游客来到这里, 因此您们更能享受优山美地美景!


希望您们能参加我们的优山美地(Yosemite National Park)冬季一日旅! (具体行程及时间安排可能因某特定的天气、安全、交通或者路面施工而有所改变。)






优山美地冬季一日游(乘坐十五座小型巴士) - 行程如下:

上午 6:00 - 7:00
上午 7:00 - 9:00
向东行驶, 看见巨大的风力发电厂, 进入圣华金山谷(San Joaquin Valley), 然后停下来休息。
上午 9:15 - 11:00
开始上山爬升,穿过黄金国, 进入内华达山脉, 到达优山美地国家公园。
上午 11:00 - 下午 1:00
当进入公园,您们将会看到部分惊人的景点,我们的优山美地冬季体验之旅即将开始。我们继续爬升超过六千英尺(二千米), 如果天气及路面条件许可的情况下, 我们停留,给予你们一英里徒步远足的机会(往返大约两英里)走入Tuolumne树林去看优山美地巨型杉树。如果路面积雪及安全问题不容许我们远足,我们的行程则改为到更低海拔地区-优山美地山谷探索观赏, 拍摄更多季节性瀑布及其他奇妙的冬季景色, 堆雪人, 或在公园的商店,博物馆,餐厅度过。
注意: 从十月到四月期间, 优山美地巨杉丛林远足是取决于当地的积雪水平和道路情况而定。请参阅冬季旅游行程。 请参阅冬季旅游行程。
下午 1:00 - 2:30

探索优山美地许多惊人的奇观。沿途有着经验丰富的导游为您们讲解。奇观包括: 新娘面纱瀑布(Bridalveil Falls), 埃尔卡皮坦(El Capitan), 优山美地山谷, 灵感奇点, 半圆顶, 优山美地大瀑布等等。享受短程远足和停留大量景点给您们拍照欣赏。

下午 2:30 - 3:30
参观礼品店和有一个轻松简单的午餐。步行至山谷, 前往河岸或靠近北美洲(美国)最高的瀑布- 优山美地大瀑布。
下午 3:30 - 4:00
开始回程, 沿途风景秀丽, 观看黄昏日落。
下午 4:00 - 6:00
停下来稍作休息, 舒展, 吃点东西。
晚上 6:00 - 6:30
晚上 6:30 - 8:30


Customer Reviews

– Amelie B. on 09/18/2016

It was a beautiful day in the Napa and Sonoma valley. I quite enjoyed the fact that it was a small group. The guide was funny and we really enjoyed his commenting of the tour. At the end of the trip he took us to see the amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge from the Sausalito side and we took 15 minutes to take pictures and enjoy the view. It was quite appreciated. I definitely recommend taking this tour.
– Joe C. on 02/25/2016

Phil was awesome. He had tons of information of both San Fran and Yosemite. We hit up all the best spots at Yosemite and got amazing pictures. Highly recommend.
– Thompson N. on 01/28/2016

So glad we decided to stay the night and pick up the bus the next afternoon. The day we arrived it was raining and the views and time spent touring around at Yosemite was very limited. The next day was much better weather and we had time to go for a short walk to a fall and travel around the valley. For those who didn't stay, they missed a lot doing the one day tour.
– Luis A. on 01/27/2016

Vlad was great! Very informative.
– Amanda V. on 01/02/2016

I was picked up half an hour later than the stated time (6.45am - 7am), the shuttle arrived only at 7.30am. I later found out that it was because there were people before me who were not on time, hence the delayed. Again, during the tour itself, there was a group of people who returned to the group half an hour later than the stated time. We could have spent more time in the park, or got back to San Francisco earlier, if no delays happened. I do not expect, nor do I wish for this to happen again, because I don't think it is my responsibility to be waiting for others who are not punctual. Other than that, I truly enjoyed the tour! Thank you. :)
– Jessica S. on 12/23/2015

Our tour guide, Andy, was friendly and very knowledgeable, not just about Yosemite, but also about San Francisco and lots of different areas along the way, which made for a really interesting tour. Would be more than happy to book with Extranomical again in future.
– Carrie W. on 12/17/2015

I had a good experience with reservation even though I booked on the day before the tour. Confirmation was timely. Guide arrived at my hotel promptly and kept us entertained throughout the ride! I also appreciated that he always made sure that we do not stay at one place for too long so as to be on schedule. I had a very good trip.
– Andrew S. on 12/06/2015

Tour guide Ben brilliant! Knew what to say and how to communicate and when to keep quiet.
– Kelly E. on 02/23/2015

We did 4 tours with Extranomical tours. One in LA, 2 in San Fran and 1 to Monterey and Carmel. We had Genna for our trip to Yosemite and also the City Insiders Tour of San Fran and he made our trip. He was absolutely fantastic. During the drive to Yosemite a fellow passenger was sick in the bus and Genna was incredibly professional and was so just so nice about it. I would highly recommend this tour in particular. It may look like a massive day but it is so well worth it. The buses are very comfortable and spacious and you have plenty of time to explore. Yosemite is just awe inspiring and just an amazing place to visit. I would highly recommend Extranomical Tours to my friends and family.
旅游价格*成人 (12+)兒童


  • 酒店免费接送服务
  • 花更多时间在优山美地国家公园
  • 拥有不同语言语音导览服务
  • 半圆白顶, 埃尔卡皮坦山(El Capitan), 优山美地大瀑布
  • 欣赏壮丽的优山美地冬日景色
  • 冬季瀑布奇境
  • 小巴 或 十三座轻型巴士
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