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Yosemite Bus Tour

Yosemite Bus Tour


  • How do I book or make a reservation?

    You can book online to receive an online discount or call our office at  1-866-231-3752 or  1-415-357-0700. We require a valid credit card to hold all phone & internet reservations.

  • How do I pay for my tour?

    If you are reserving your tour online, your credit card will be charged. Reservations by phone require a credit card to hold your seat(s). You can also come to our SOMA office prior to the tour departure date and pay cash directly.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We also accept Debit cards with symbols of these card companies. 
    Cash: Guests can pay cash at our SOMA location for any tour.  

    Apologies, but we do not provide a travel or personal check payment option.

  • Will I get a discount if I book a second tour?

    Yes, you can get a up to $9 off your second tour. The $9 discount can be applied to Extranomical operated tours only. 

  • Is there any advantages by booking my tour online?

    You will get an automatic discount on your first tour when you book online at!

  • Can I cancel or change my reservation?

    Cancellations or changes must be made 72 hours before tour departure, or at least 10 days in advance if the reservation includes a hotel accommodation to get a partial refund. 

    Airport shuttle transfers, all Bay Cruises & Ferry Tickets,  Alcatraz Tours, Show tickets, Seaplane Tours are non-refundable. Cancellations and changes are subject to a 10% or $35 fee, depending on a tour. 

  • Where should I pick up the tickets for my tour?

    You don't need a ticket for most of our tours, vouchers are provided when they are needed. Most times your confirmation email is enough. We will specify in your email confirmation after you've booked the Yosemite tour what information you will need to have with you.



优山美地一日巴士之旅从旧金山出发,您们将能享受到一次舒适而轻松的旅程, 并且观赏到壮观的景色。在优山美地国家公园,我们将沿着圣华金山谷(San Joaquin Valley)的种植区, 并逗留一段时间。优山美地巴士之旅可容纳四十五名乘客并提供专座, 并配有洗手间,这一切就是为了让您们的旅程变得更加舒适。到达优山美地后,我们将为您们做详细介绍,并且在灵感点隧道(Inspiration Point Tunnel View)游览。之后, 您们可以在优山美地的旅馆(Lodge处) 逗留两个小时甚至更多的时间,您们可以选择享受一顿美味佳肴,或漫步观赏优山大美地瀑布(视乎季节而定)。





安全始终最重要,因此依照积雪深度、道路情况等, 改变行程和路线。

注意: 优山美地巴士一日游没有任何巨杉林远足户外活动。



优山美地巴士一日游 行程时间表

上午 6:20 - 7:00
上午 7:00 - 9:00
从旧金山出发,穿越圣华金山谷(San Joaquin Valley)。
上午 9:00
上午 9:30 - 11:30
进入山脉, 到达优山美地国家公园。
上午 11:30 - 12:30
下午 12:30 - 3:00
自由游览优山美地国家公园, 乘坐免费穿梭公车往返优山美地著名景点。您们能观赏到许多优山美地景点,包括埃尔卡皮坦(El Capitan)、优山美地大瀑布和半圆顶(Half Dome)。
下午 3:00 - 3:45
下午 6:00
享用晚餐 (晚餐费用不包括在内)。
下午 9:30 - 10:00
返回酒店 或 在渔人码头下车。


优山美地巴士游天天出发( 从4月1日至10月31日, 任何一天)。
冬季优山美地巴士游每周二、周四、周六、周日出发( 从11月1日至3月31日)。




为安全起见, 冬季行程路线依照积雪深度、道路情况而定。


注意: 优山美地巴士一日游不含任何巨杉林远足户外活动。



Customer Reviews

Yosemite Bus Tour
– Jon S. on 10/17/2016

John and Curt were very knowledgeable and patient and made visiting Yosemite just a little bit more special!
– AGUSTIN M. on 10/12/2016

– Lina G. on 09/15/2016

Great tour guide! Excellent logistics
– Carolyn P. on 09/09/2016

Our tour guide was knowledgeable and courteous. He arrived on time to pick us up, made sure of head counts every time we stopped, and generally did everything he could to make this a trip to remember. The information he shared was priceless.
– Janet H. on 09/03/2016

Ben is a very responsible and nice tour guide. He seemed experienced. He introduced and explained details about the places we visited. It was really nice having him leading the tour.
– Antonia F. on 08/10/2016

I've had a magnificent day visiting the beautiful Yosemite National Park. It was my first time to spend time here and although I only had a day to do so, this tour covered everything necesseray in my optionion. I was able to see all the "famous" sights and for the short time avaliable I think there was a good amount of time to be spent outside of the bus looking at the sequoias or the waterfall. John, our leader, probably was one of the main aspects though, why this trip has been so great. Never before have I experienced such a well-formed, educated, enthusiastic and at all times friendly (and not to forget extremely funny) tour guide. I travel a lot, but John has really gone the extra mile in my opinion. Not only have I learnt so much about the park, but also about Californa all together. Although the drive wan't a short one, I was to interested listening instead of sleeping. The vehicle (also very happy that it is environment friendly!) and organisation of everything has been extraordinary and I would defintely recommend this tour to anyone.
– GEUN YOUNG P. on 07/27/2016

One day tour was better than my expectation. Above all, guide's narration was funny and educational. Due to his passion, we could go lots of beautiful place. We stopped treasure island on way back. We saw the fantastic view of the sunset of SAN Francisco!
– Jodi M. on 07/22/2016

Steve was awesome, and very efficient!
– Ada V. on 07/15/2016

It was a perfect way to see tbe beauty of Yosemite.
旅游价格*成人 (12+)兒童


  • 免费 酒店/旅馆 接送
  • 优山美地国家公园 (停留3-4小时)
  • 免费全程导游陪同
  • 巴士配有洗手间设施
  • 旅游经营商:第三方运营商
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