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Wine Country Bus Tour to Sonoma and Napa Valley

Wine Country Bus Tour to Sonoma and Napa Valley

索诺玛和纳帕山谷 巴士团

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    You can book online to receive an online discount or call our office at  1-866-231-3752 or  1-415-357-0700. We require a valid credit card to hold all phone & internet reservations.

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    Yes, you can get a up to $9 off your second tour. The $9 discount can be applied to Extranomical operated tours only. 

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    You will get an automatic discount on your first tour when you book online at!

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    You don't need a ticket for most of our tours, vouchers are provided when they are needed. Most times your confirmation email is enough. We will specify in your email confirmation after you've booked the Yosemite tour what information you will need to have with you.

葡萄酒酒乡巴士团一日游 (Wine Country One-Day Tours by Bus)

葡萄酒酒乡巴士团一日游 (Wine Country Tour by Bus) 每天上午9出发,驶过金门大桥后1小时便到达美丽的索诺玛山谷 (Sonoma Valley),这里便是1850年代加葡萄酒产业兴起的地方。 游览将安排游客参观位于Carneros地区的家酒庄,一家酿造著名的黑比诺葡萄酒Pinot Noir) 和 夏顿埃白葡萄酒(Chardonnay),另一家专门酿造意大利葡萄酒和汽酒(香槟酒的另一种称法)。 随后,我们将沿着29号高速公路向北到达举世闻名的纳帕山谷(Napa Valley),并且参观以乔治·扬特 (George Yount) 命名的美丽如画的小镇 ( 乔治·扬特是第一个在纳帕山谷种植第一葡萄)。  在此,您们将看到1870年产的葡萄酒,参观古老Groezinger酿酒厂,以及当地特色的餐馆和商店。您们还能买当地特产的橄榄油、乳酪等等。 这还有一个很独特的品酒地窖!!  享用完午餐, 浏览完商店后,也许您们还有足够的时间到此一品美酒。 随后,我们前往詹姆遜峽谷 (Jameson Canyon) 参观另一个风景如画的酒庄。  (品尝费用不包含1870年的葡萄酒)。然后,我们就返回市区,途经旧金山奥克兰海湾大桥(差不多5英里左右),您们也将看到旧金山(San Francisco)雄伟的美景。  大约傍晚6,您们将到达您们所下榻的酒店。


葡萄酒酒乡巴士团一日游 出发



索诺玛 和 纳帕山谷 巴士团行程

上午 8:00 - 9:00
安排专车在您们所下榻的酒店 或 渔人码头 接您们上車。
上午 9:00-10:00
驶过金门大桥 (Golden Gate Bridge) 向北沿101公路到达著名的纳帕山谷(Napa Valley),将到达杨特维尔 (Yountville)
上午 10:00 - 12:00

参观在 纳帕山谷(Napa Valley) 的一家酒庄, 然后前往西部进入索诺玛 (Sonoma)。

下午 12:00 - 1:00
驶向索诺玛县 (Sonoma County)。
下午 1:00 - 2:30
在美食店停留,游客可自行选择午餐(餐费自理), 可免费品酒,也可以购买地方特产如: 橄榄油,乳酪等等!!
下午 2:30 - 4:00
下午 4:00 - 5:30
返回市区,一览旧金山, 海湾, 以及金门大桥 (Golden Gate Bridge) 的美丽景
下午 5:30 - 6:00
到达您们所下榻的酒店 或 渔人码头上車。


Customer Reviews

Wine Country Bus Tour to Sonoma and Napa Valley
– Connie F. on 11/10/2016

It was an absolutely wonderful day. The size of the tour was just right with 12 people and Don did a fabulous job. He picked great wineries and met requests of attendees as well. He was very knowledgeable. We have done many trips to Napa and this was definitely one of our favorites.
– Chris A. on 10/24/2016

Tour met expectations. The tour quide showed on time, was professional and personable. I would recommend Lars our guide any time.
– Shinya E. on 10/13/2016

Very well arranged and sofiscated tour. Fantastic guide/driver (Steve). Enjoyed very much.
– Susan L. on 09/14/2016

Driver was courteous, knowledgeable, and had a good sense of humour. It was a great way to spend the day and his personality made it so. Well the wine tasting and beautiful countryside helped:).
– Margaret P. on 08/15/2016

Great day touring the wine country! Our driver, Vldad, did an excellent job picking out the wineries and was extremely knowledgeable about the area and vineyards. Totally enjoyed the day and having Vlad as our guide!
– John & Sherry S. on 08/08/2016

Nice tour through both Sonoma and Napa
– Shannon B. on 07/26/2016

Don was awesome!!!! He took amazing care of all 10 girls in our group!
– Kirsten S. on 06/10/2016

Really enjoyable ride, entertaining guide
– Julie B. on 05/21/2016

A really enjoyable day out. We visited 3 wineries. The first was very informative and had a large selection of wines to taste. The second stop was less my taste as it featured sweet and dessert wines and there was less information given at this stop. The lunch stop in Sonoma was a great opportunity to wonder round the lovely town. The final winery was really interesting and good to look around the facilities.


  • - 免费 酒店/旅馆 接送
  • - 参观索诺玛和纳帕山谷
  • - 参观三家酒庄
  • - 免费品酒
  • - 食店停留, 游客可自行选择午餐(餐费自理)
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