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Hi! My name is Dave. I’ve been working as a tour guide for almost a decade now and loving it. I’ve guided tours from the Mayan Ruins of Copan, Honduras to the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, ice climbing glaciers in Alaska, canopy tours over the jungles of Guatemala, camping under the northern lights in Canada… it’s difficult to call my job work. My job has enabled me to travel the world, meet incredible people and avoid the mundane office jobs of the “real world”. After 8 years living a nomadic lifestyle “on the road” as a guide I decided that it was time for a change. It was time to… to… settle down (GASP)! Where would I go? What would I do? Well, to me the answer was obvious… San Francisco. After traveling to almost every state (49 of 50… you’re next Hawaii!) and spending time in pretty much every major city I knew that San Francisco was the place for me. San Fran is a great city! It has an international, big city feel, but it’s easy to slip away to the “outdoors”. Hiking, biking, surfing, skiing… it’s all within a day’s drive from the city. There’s a great music scene, incredible food, good public transportation, world class museums. On top of all that there are the things that are uniquely San Francisco: Alcatraz, the cable cars and San Fran’s strange, sordid history… so much awesomeness condensed into one place.

Before moving here I looked into different job opportunities and was lucky enough to find a job as aguide with Extranomical Tours. I would be able to still continue my job as a guide but to go home and rest my head in the same place every night… it was the best of both worlds!

Extranomical is great. I get to show people the highlights of what the San Francisco area has to offer. It’s hard for me to decide which trip I enjoy doing the most. Yosemite is one of the reasons that I took this job. I’ve been bringing tourists here for almost 10 years and their reaction is always the same... awe. It is one of the most special places the US. It really highlights some of the incredible natural extremes of California. The tallest waterfall in North America. Two of the tallest waterfalls in the world. The Giant Sequoia trees, the biggest living things in the whole world. The tallest granite cliff in the world. Plus all the amazing wildlife, the world class big wall rock climbing and some of the mostspectacular views the National Park System has to offer. It truly is amazing.

The wine tours are fun as well. I had limited experience with wine prior to working with Extranomical Tours but I’ve learned quite quickly. Wine country is really an amazing place as well. Beautiful countryside, cute California towns and of course literally thousands of wineries. The wineries vary quite a bit… from sweeping palatial estates to small family run spots. And then you have the wine… berrybursting Zinfandels, fruit forward Chardonnays, Cabs and Pinots. After a day of checking out some ofthe secret highlights of Napa or Sonoma Valley and putting back a couple glasses of vino it’s hard not to end the day with a smile on your face.

I love my job. I like knowing that I’m a key element in providing people with a memory, an experience that they may remember forever. And that’s my job… making sure people have an experience of a lifetime. Come on one of our tours and I’ll make sure that you too have an experience that you won’t soon forget!