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San Francisco Culinary Tours

  • Best San Francisco Pizza Tour - San Francisco is well-known for its gourmet and casual food culture along with its unique California cuisine. However, when pizza is mentioned, San Francisco is not top of the list. Many San Francisco pizzerias protest this, and with good reason. With San Francisco's emphasis on organic, home-grown, and fresh produce, it would seem a natural and tasty fit for making great pizza. Extranomical Tours decided that it’s about time for a fun taste test between some of the best pizzerias in the city and have unveiled The Best San Francisco Pizza Tour. Be prepared to taste some of the most interesting and delicious pizzas this city has to offer.

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  • Best San Francisco Sushi Tour - If you like Sushi, then you are sure to love this tour. We'll guide you through the city and visit 3 Sushi places, where we'll have a taste of each restaurant's specialty. San Francisco is widely hailed as one of the best cities for eating out, especially for the variety of food that it offers and when it comes to Japanese cuisine, there are a lot of places to choose from. That's why we've carefully chosen three of our favorite places that will offer the most variety, so there will be something for everyone. So hop on board the bus for "The Best San Francisco Sushi Tour" and let our experts introduce you to some of the best Sushi places around that may have been hiding in your backyard, waiting for you to try them out.

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  • Best San Francisco Taco Tour - Whether hard or soft, chicken or steak, whatever way you like your tacos, burritos, quesadillas and overall Mexican food, your are sure to find it on our Taco Tour. Starting in the early evening, we bring you around San Francisco's famous Mission district, and into the very heart of the Latino culture and cuisine. The four taquerias that you will visit have been chosen based on the taste, authenticity and experience to ensure that you enjoy the best of what this tour has to offer. Thinking of trying something new? The Taco tour is for you. Pick and choose on how its made, the type of Mexican food you want in it, make it spicy or mild, the choice is yours. Do not miss out on the taste sensation of our tour.

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  • Wine Country and Redwoods Escape One-Day Tour - From $110. Discover the wonder of California’s Wine Country and the enchantment of Muir Woods on this popular day-trip tour combo. Less than an hour away from San Francisco, Muir Woods and Wine Country are two of Northern California’s popular destinations. You’ll begin your morning with a short drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods National Monument where you’ll explore the spectacular redwood forests, home to the world’s tallest tree species. In the afternoon you’ll be relaxing in the wine country, visiting three boutique wineries with FREE wine tasting, and strolling the vineyard grounds.  The tour spends about 45 to 60 minutes at 3 different wine tasting stops including lunch at a historic wine country plaza. This tour offers you a chance to enjoy California’s wilderness and Wine Country in an exciting day trip.

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