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Sonoma Wine Tours from San Francisco

  • Tour du Pays du vin et de Redwoods d'une journée. Le pays du vin en Californie est à moins d'une heure en voiture de San Francisco et fait partie des plus beau et populaire site touristique en visitant San Francisco. Notre excursion combinant la forêt de Muir Woods et le pays du vin est une excellente façon de voir deux des plus populaire attraction de San Francisco. Avec notre excursion, vous apprécierez pendant la matinée les spectaculaires séquoias Redwood de la forêt de Muir Woods, puis vous vous relaxerez durant la présentation de nos guides sur le pays du vin en Californie. Nous visitons trois petits vignobles à Sonoma allant de 45 minutes à 1 heure dans chaque vignoble. Toutes les dégustations de vins sont gratuits et pourrez même avoir la chance de déguster 5-10 types de vin chez chaque vignoble! Cette visite est idéal aussi bien pour ceux qui veulent s'initier au vin, que pour les initiés qui veulent remplir leur cave. 

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  • Tour du pays du vin pour les amoureux du vin. Notre visite du pays du vin pour les amoureux du vin vous amèneras au pays du vin en Californie. Vous irez à la fois à Sonoma et dans la vallée de Napa avec environ 4 ou 6 arrêts chez des vignobles qui sont moins fréquentés par les touristes. Cette Excurison vous donnera la possibilité de déguster des vins provenant de différentes régions comme Kenwood, Glen Ellen, Rutherford, St. Helen et Yountville. C'est l'excursion parfaite pour à la fois les connaisseurs de vin et ceux qui veulent découvrir les fabuleux vins californien. 

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  • Tour en bus d'une journée au pays du vin. Dans notre visite du pays du vin, vous découvrirez Napa et Sonoma, qui sont situés à un peu près à 1½ heures au nord de San Francisco. Cette visite du pays du vin commence à 9:00 et tout en traversant le pont, nous continuons en direction de la vallée de Sonoma dans le pays du vin où nous passons la matinée à visiter les vignobles spécialisés en Pinot Noir & Chardonnay . A midi nous pouvons déjeuner dans un restaurant gastronomique où il est possible d'effectuer une nouvel dégustation de vin, mais cette fois-ci payante. L'aprés-midi nous allons dans la vallée du vin de Napa où vous avez la possibilité de visiter un vignoble et donc de goûter plus de vin.

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  • Muir Woods & Wine Country Two-Day Tour - From $339. Spend an overnight stay in Sonoma Valley to maximize your time in this wine region. Muir Woods and Wine Country are two of Northern California’s top travel destinations. We want to make your trip unforgettable and we do this by being the only Woods & Wine tour to visit both Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley wineries and by specially treating you to a sparkling wine tasting. All tasting fees are included on this wine country tour. You’ll even have a chance to tour behind the scenes of winemaking facilities. Great for any occasion! 

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  • Private Wine Country Tour From San Francisco

    Spend a day in the fabulous California Wine Country on your private Wine Country tour and enjoy the luxury of private winery tours and wine tastings. Choose your own wineries or allow us to arrange them for you. The itinerary for your private Wine Country tour will be arranged to fit your group’s interests and tastes and is fully customizable. A private Wine Country tour is perfect for birthdays, bachelor/ette parties and more.

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  • Wine Country Charters
    Extranomical Tours à le plaisir de vous donner l'occasion de visiter la région du vin qui sont taillés sur mesure afin de repondre à vos intérèts et besoins personnels. Nos van privés vous donne la chance de choisir ce dont vous souhaitez. Il ya des centaines de propriétés à choisir et une variété d'options incluant repas du midi et/ou dinner, un voyage combiné entre les bois de Muir (Muir Woods) et le pays du vin (Wine Country). Ces vans sont parfait pour les familles nombreuses, les parties privées ou pour des groupes d'entreprise. SVP contactez-nous au 1-866-231-3752 pour de plus amples informations et discuter de vos besoins.

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Winery Tour Stops
Not every tour is the same. Many factors go into deciding which of the hundreds of wineries to choose from on a given day. In our many years of experience, we have put together a list of wineries that ranges from the very large to the very small, from the brand new to famous labels. In California, the “Wine Country” is almost everywhere, and there are great wines produced from areas that are just too far away for most of our tours. We have come up with a list of wineries that are close enough, make great wine, present their wine well, and have other features, such scenery or history that make them interesting. Our list of wineries is growing as we broaden our research, or staffing or policy changes bring them into the fold. Here is our list of wineries that we have found to be compatible with our criteria. We won’t visit all of these on your tour - this is just a list of possibilities.

View a list of California Wineries that are possible stops on our various tours.

The Golden Gate Bridge
On our way to Wine Country, we cross one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge. We have found a vista point that is a hard for the big busses to get to, and gives you one of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the City by the Bay.

Sonoma County and Valley
Sonoma County is one of California's premier wine-making regions, yet it has remained relatively untouched by tourists compared to its more popular neighbor, Napa Valley (only 5-10 miles east). It is said that Sonoma Valley gets its name from the Miwok Native American Indians. The Miwok named it the valley of "many moons" - while walking through the Sonoma Valley and the Mayacamas Mountains, the moon was said to rise seven times. In the 1850’s, it was Sonoma Valley residents who solved the imported vine disease problem by widely adopting the practice of grafting onto native (resistant) root stock. Hungarian immigrant Agoston Haraszthy basically invented large scale, industrial wine-making, and Sonoma became the epicenter for a huge new wine industry and therefore became a popular tourist destination for locals from San Francisco and visitors from around the world.

Its currently more famous neighbor, Napa Valley, remained the “outback” for about 50 years. Both valleys became “ghost towns” after the Great Earthquake of 1906, followed by Prohibition (of alcohol!) from 1919 to 1933. You could say the Great Depression continued well into the 1970’s for this part of the world (see Napa Valley). Declared National Historic Landmarks, the downtown Sonoma Plaza and the San Francisco Solano de Sonoma Mission (1823) are at the heart of this renowned wine producing region. Sonoma Valley is located in the much larger Sonoma County, which also includes the equally renowned Healdsburg region, the Alexander Valley, Russian River, and other well-known Appellations.

Sonoma Barracks or Presidio
Initially constructed in 1834 as a Mexican outpost established to protect Mexico’s frontier from the Russians who moving down the coast from the North. It was overtaken by American frontiersmen in 1846 in anticipation of the Mexican-American War, and the village of Sonoma briefly became the capital of the “Republic of California” in the “Bear Flag Revolt”. The most lasting effect of the revolt was the design of a flag, as the U.S. Army arrived and dissolved the “Republic”. History took a sharp turn again with the discovery of gold in 1848, and the hordes of fortune hunters who soon overran the new Territory from Sonoma to Monterey and eastward to the Sierras. The newly enlarged population soon petitioned for Statehood and they adopted the Bear Flag for the new state and declared Sacramento as the Capital, but designated Sonoma the more sentimental “birthplace” of California.

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